Los Bomberos Training Academy

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In parts of Latin America, firefighters are volunteers with not enough training or equipment, and are sometimes unable to save lives for lack of a Jaws of Life or other tools that U.S. Firefighters take for granted.

The LA County Bomberos Association hosts a yearly training program for 20-25 firefighters from Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Chile and other Latin American countries to teach them the fundamentals of firefighting, first aid skills, swift water rescue training and hands on training with the Jaws of Life.  These firefighters return home and train their departments to bring much needed skills to rural communities.



The next  session will be in the Spring of 2017, and East LA Rotary has committed to a $1,000 sponsorship towards hotel, meal and transportation costs as well as hosting the visiting firefighters for a meal.

Learn more about Los Bomberos at https://www.facebook.com/CountyLABomberos/

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