ELA Elementary School Kids Put on Mock Trial

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On March 25, 2015 about 60 kids from Fourth Street Elementary School Kideract Club in East LA showed off their trial skills in a mock trial in Division 1 of the Los Angeles Superior Court in East Los Angeles.

The script for the trial was created by judges and attorneys; the script followed the law and legal procedures of a criminal trial including trial tactics. One child was a judge who was provided with a robe by the Presiding Judge, one the prosecuting attorney, one the defense attorney, five were witnesses, twelve were jurors and one the clerk of the court. All the kids, including those in the audience, had scripts. It was a heartfelt experience to witness these kids put on a trial, ask questions, make objections, and hear the young girl acting as judge make forceful rulings.

This is an annual event sponsored and chaperoned by the Rotary Club of East Los Angeles with the assistance of two dedicated teachers, Maria Rubalcava and Angelina Lopez.

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