March 3rd Meeting : How Healthy is Your Heart?

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img-heart-rate-variability-hrv-testing-1Our meeting of March 10 could literally save your life.

A person’s arteries can be slowly plugging up with plaque without that person knowing it. The result is a condition known as Arteriosclerosis: hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This condition almost always leads to Hypertension, high blood pressure – the “Silent Killer”. It could also lead to a sudden heart attack. A piece of plaque breaks away from the artery wall causing damage to the artery wall, and the resulting  bleed causes blood clots. The combination of a piece of plaque stuck in the artery channel and the blood clots leads to the buildup of a dam; all the muscle tissue on the other side of the dam is suddenly deprived of oxygen carrying blood. The lack of oxygen results in the death of that muscle tissue, leading to a potentially fatal Heart Attack.

Our speaker, Dr. Charina Holmes D.C. will not only talk about how to prevent Cardiovascular Heart Disease, but will also bring a medical measuring device known as Photoelectric Plethsymography. This device analyzes overall cardiovascular health including vascular aging, vascular Arteriosclerosis progress, blood circulation. vascular elasticity.   This test normally runs $250.00, but Dr. Holmes will administer the test free to any volunteer.

Please pass this information on to your friends and loved ones. See you all on March 10, 2015, at Noon at Tamayo’s Restaurant on Olympic Boulevard one block east of Atlantic Boulevard. in ELA.

$20 per person meeting fee includes lunch.

To learn more about Dr. Holmes, visit

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