Gabriel House Visit

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The first weekend of January, members of East LA Rotary traveled to Ensenada to visit Gabriel House, an orphanage for severely disabled children, some having been abandoned by their families,  and Casa de Ancianos (Senior Home).  Joining them once again were therapists and students from Department of Kinesiology (Physical Therapy) at the University of Southern California.

At Gabriel House, Rotarians delivered much needed clothing, diapers and supplies, while the therapists and students provided therapy to the children and trained the staff so they could continue therapy after the weekend ended.  The trip to Gabriel House provides a unique opportunity for the USC students to receive hands on training, and the techniques they bring benefits the children greatly.   Additionally, one of the therapists brought her spouse, an electrician by trade, and he was able to do some much needed upgrades to the wiring at Gabriel House.

Additionally, other Rotarians delivered groceries and supplies to the Casa de Ancianos, and visited with the seniors.

As East LA Rotary Club President Armando Moreno observed, “It is heartfelt to see the eyes of a child light up when a therapist or student takes their small hands in theirs, smiles, and asks, ‘Hi. How are you?’ The response is usually no more than a shy smile, but the scene is touching and unforgettable.  That’s what keeps us coming back.”

East LA Rotary has been making semiannual trips to Gabriel House for about 10 years, always finding another way to help — from painting and building to helping care for the kids.   The next trip is scheduled for the weekend of June 19th.


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