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Magical trip

A day trip to the Huntington Library in San Marino is always extraordinary, but for the children from 4th Street Elementary School in East Los Angeles, that day trip was not only extraordinary, but magical. Magical because not only did the kids see new wondrous sites of buildings, trees and flowers, and learned new things, but they also met the Rose Queen and her Court. Thanks to the Rotary Clubs of San Marino and East Los Angeles that magical trip happened on November 13, 2014. A bus full of excited kids left 4th Street School at 8:15 A.M. accompanied by teachers and ELA Rotarians. As the bus rolled through San Marino one could hear the children’s voices, “Wow! Look at the houses!”

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Upon arrival the children were lined up as their heads kept turning taking in all the sites. They then were led into a laboratory with enough tables, chairs and microscopes to accommodate each child. The room grew very quiet as the children attentively listened to the lecture of the Botanist on the structure of a flower; each child was given a flower to study the structure of their flower under the lens of their microscope. One child was taking notes.      

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Next, the children were led into a large room with long tables covered with many different flowers. Glue sticks, eight inch blocks of wood with wheels and three small holes on top were provided to the children. Each child’s name was placed on the bottom of each block and the children were instructed to turn their block into a Rose Parade Float. Their focus and creativity were amazing; even the three rowdy boys became laser focused. After an hour their creations were carefully boxed to be sent home with them.

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The next stop was a large elevated lecture hall. Another Botanist with a variety of plants gave demonstrations on the structure of plants by dissecting several; also on how plants grow, and the variety of ways that different plants take in nutrients, demonstrating with several bug consuming plants including a Venus Fly Trap. The entire lecture, but especially the question and answer portion, was humorous and educational.

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The last stop the kids were stationed in front of the Rose Queen and her Court; the two groups stood facing each other separated by about ten feet. The kids sat on the floor in wide eyed wonder as the Queen and each Princess gave a short talk about themselves and their aspirations; each included the message, “stay in school.” The Queen and each Princess then walked into the crowd of children. In gleeful excitement all the children jumped up and groups of children surrounded the Queen and each Princess hugging, patting, tugging, jabbering questions, and having autographs signed onto pieces of paper or wrists. Wow!

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